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10 Dark secrets brands hide from you!

10 dark secrets brands hide from you

Dark secrets that brands hide from you video!

In this video I will show you the 10 Dark secrets brands hide from you, from baby formula developed to stop mothers lactating and killing babies, to chemicals destroying nations!

You will be shocked watching these dark secrets! The things they try to hide is unbelievable.

Ok, let’s get started.

10. DuPont dark secrets video

DuPont has a dark history, starting in 1951, they acquired a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

The acid was used in the manufacturing of Teflon, here’s the bad part.

PFOA is highly toxic causing cancer in animals/humans, it also caused birth defects with facial deformities in DuPont’s pregnant workers.

DuPont was told to phase out the use of PFOA by 2015 on the back of a $16.5million fine for concealing the acids health effects!

It was realised that in 1991 DuPont had contaminated the water supply of 12,000 people.

PFOA is now detectable in 98% of the US population, found in everything from popcorn to household dust!

Yes I would be very worried to!

9. IBM Dark secrets video

IBM’s 12 year Holocaust secret and collaboration with Hitler is a shock indeed!

This horrible secret remained unknown until 2001 when a historian named Edwin Black let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

It all started with IBM’s Hollerith machine which was designed to tabulate punch cards.

This machine turned out to be central, in the systematic killing of worldwide Jewish colonies!

The machine was used to track census information of Jews across the world, to identify Jewish populations!

The number you see tattooed onto Jewish prisoners arms, is in fact their IBM punch card number!

8. Kids Wish Network secrets video

Yes, this one is a charity supposedly doing good in the world helping sick children, but no you are wrong!

The Kids Wish Network hides a dark secret, labelled Americas worst charity, by the centre for investigative reporting.

Out of the massive $141million they raised, a miniscule $3.5million actually went to helping out the kids.

That’s less than 2 and a half percent!

So where did all this money go?

$166million went to ‘for profit’ fundraising solicitors, the rest went to the founder of The Kids Wish Network, in the form of a $130,000 per year salary and $4.8million to companies he controlled!

7. Bayer dark secrets video

Bayer is a pharmaceutical giant in Germany, they are behind life changing drugs, but are also behind drugs that kill people!

Drugs such as Aspirin.

In the 1980’s they developed a drug to help blood clotting in Haemophiliacs.

The drug involved an injection made up of concentrated blood plasma from donors.

Here’s the twist, the blood was never HIV tested, as a result over 8,000 people in the USA developed HIV.

In response to this outbreak Bayer developed a safer medicine, but continued to knowingly sell the HIV infected batch of drugs.

Because Bayer had a massive stock pile of this infected drug they didn’t want to lose money so sold it overseas to places like the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan.

Over 100 people got infected with HIV in Hong Kong alone!

In 1997 Bayer paid out $660million, to over 6,000 people infected with HIV in a land mark case.

6. Exxon Mobil dark secrets video

Yes, an oil company was bound to make this list, but Exxon Mobil take things one step further.

Including torture, mass killings and detention camps.

When they set up in Indonesia, Exxon Mobil was in the middle of a huge conflict between the local Acehnese people and the militaristic government.

Of course, Exxon Mobil took the militaries side in all this!

In 1998 they was accused of supplying bulldozers and various other pieces of equipment to build mass graves.

In order to protect themselves they started paying members of the army, that later came to be known as ‘Exxon’s Army’.

Exxon’s Army reportedly paid $6million per year to conduct torture and extrajudicial killings!

A case was brought by civilians and is still in progress!

5. Wal-Mart dark secrets video

Wal-Mart has a dark secret it doesn’t want you to know! One for our 10 dark secrets brands hide list

Did you know that a Wal-Mart child labour factory in Bangladesh, in 2012, 111 people were killed in one of their factories?

Over 50% of Wal-Mart’s workers are underage children actually make up the majority of overseas work.

In 2014 the Guardian reported that in Thailand workers were forced to work as slaves under threats of extreme violence.

It was reported a number of men were bought and sold, for work in Wal-Mart’s slave factories!

Workers that escaped mentioned cruel 20 hour shifts, and execution style killings if you didn’t obey!

4. Coca Cola dark secrets video

You know this was going to be on the 10 dark secrets brands hide video didn’t you?

It’s no secret that Coca Cola is packed with sugar and rots your guts!

What Coca Cola doesn’t tell you, is the shady practises behind the production of its world famous drink.

An undercover journalist uncovered what is dubbed ‘the water wars’ in India, Coca Cola’s factories drained at least three towns of its water supply!

Another case in India, is that Coke manufactured their, was contaminated with pesticides.

Successful campaigning, an unprecedented event, managed to get a Coca Cola plant in Kerala closed down!

Coca Cola now claims that it uses rainwater instead of draining precious water reserves.

3. Nestle dark secrets video

In this 10 dark secrets brands hide video a report from 1974 dubbed ‘The Baby Killer’ stated that Nestle were behind a massive scandal to make millions.

Another company deserving of 10 dark secrets brands hide from you list.

Nestle developed a formula for babies in less developed countries, that caused mothers to stop lactating, therefore making them dependant on the baby formula.

The report talks about sales reps dressed in nurses outfits, visiting maternity wards giving out free baby formula.

Once the mothers left hospital they could no longer breast feed, that’s when Nestle started charging them for the formula they depended on!

Mothers from these poor third world countries couldn’t afford the formulas so babies went hungry and starved to death.

Not only did nestle charge for this formula, the scandal was the powdered milk had to be mixed with water… yep you guessed it, dirty water from rivers and pools were used as no fresh water was available.

The results, thousands of diseases infected the young.

All due to Nestle wanting to gain from them!

2. Chiquita dark secrets video

Chiquita, the large fruit company, before 1984 were called ‘The United Fruit company’.

They rebranded due to the ‘banana massacre’ which took place in 1928 when workers went on strike.

The United Fruit Company massacred up to 3,000 workers using the Colombian army!

In as recent as 2004 the company were fined $24million for funding terrorist organisations in Columbia.

Once the secrets emerged, the President of the company smashed his 44th floor office window and jumped to his death!

1. Monsanto dark secrets video

Monsanto deserve to be number 1 on this list of 10 dark secrets brands hide from you video.

They have been voted the most evil company in history.

This is due to their manipulation of GMO crops!

Harmless you say, well let me explain the rest…

The company Monsanto is behind the production of the chemical Agent Orange, which mutilated millions of Vietnamese people.

Since then they have managed to make their own seeds that produce pesticides and won’t reproduce.

This forced farmers to buy seeds year after year from them, to be able to produce crops!

The farmers can’t even buy from elsewhere, as Monsanto artificially controls the markets on seed sales!

The big one is, Monsanto managed to persuade the US Government to pass an act, absolving Monsanto of any liability of human or environmental damage.

Remember Bayer further up this list? Well believe it or not, Monsanto bought out Bayer in 2016. Double evil!

Like this video on the 10 dark secrets brands hide from you? Or have any secrets you know, leave me a comment below as I’m sure there’s more.

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