10 funniest baby videos of all time!

Watch the 10 funniest baby videos of all time

Watch 10 funniest baby videos we have found. Be prepared for a cuteness overload and a lot of laughs! Babies are great for brightening up any ones day, their innocence and cuteness is all you need to cheer even the grumpiest of souls up. Not to mention they have the ability to be highly funny without even knowing it.

Remember the Charlie bit my finger video?

That single video made thousands for the dad that uploaded it, without knowing he had just captured the next viral video he posted it expecting a few likes and comments.

The video was simply of a toddler and his baby brother sat on the settee, suddenly the baby bites his brothers finger. The toddler screams “ouch Charlie, that hurt” but what makes it funny is the way he said it! You can watch the full ouch Charlie bit my finger video here

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