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10 insane prison escapes


10 insane prison escapes of all time video.

10 Insane prison escapes of all time video

[dropcap color=”#” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]M[/dropcap]ost people manage to stay out of prison, but a few of us don’t. When people are faced with no freedom and have to spend years behind bars they come up with ingenious ways to escape! Here is our top 10 video about 10 insane prison escapes, enjoy.

1. Jack Sheppard

In 1723 Jack Sheppard who was originally on track to be a carpenter by trade, changed his mind and began a life of crime to pay his bills. All in all in just one year Jack was arrested 5 times but managed to escape 4 of those, People say its possible he was the first to invent the tying of bed sheets together to climb out of a window. Eventually his robbing spree came to an end in 1724 when Jack was eventually caught and hanged. The police wouldn’t release his body back to his friends as they found out about a plan to rush him to a doctor to be revived, yes he even had an escape plan for death!

2. John Dillinger

The FBI reported Dillinger to be ‘Public enemy number 1’, John was dedicated to a life of crime and is known as one of the most notorious bank robbers of all time. In their hay day Mr Dillinger and his gang went on a robbing spree around the mid west, even robbing a few police stations on their way, cheeky! He was eventually captured and put in prison in 1934 in the ‘escape proof’ Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Indiana.

John had a cunning plan and carved a fake gun out of wood then used boot polish to colour the wood black. He and another inmate made their escape using the fake gun to steal the Sheriff’s brank new V8 Ford as his getaway car. Dillingers freedom was soon cut short when the FBI shot him dead a year later.

3. Frank Lee Morris and John and Clarence Anglin

On June 11th 1962 whilst being held prisoners in the most isolated jail on earth ‘Alcatraz’, Frank, John and Clarence made their escape. Over the course of a year using hand made tools, they dug holes through into the adjacent walls that led into an unused service passage. From there they climbed a ventilation shaft down to the beach where they used a raft they had constructed, from raincoats and contact cement from the prisons supply cache. The 3 men have never been found!

4. Frank Abagnale

You will be familiar with this name as Leonardo DiCaprio played Frank in the movie Catch me if you can. The real life Frank was a world renowned con artist, in 1972 prisons in the US were being evaluated due to human civil rights violations. Luckily for Abagnale the US Marshall forgot his detention papers so Frank conned the guards into believing he was an undercover prison inspector. He was given special privileges, top notch meals and cushy treatment.

Whilst Frank was in there he got his friend to doctor business cards to look like official government cards, using these cards he convinced the guards that he needed to speak to an FBI agent and managed to get picked up right outside the prison gates. The guards were non the wiser, thinking they have done a good job and not been fooled with the ‘fake’ undercover operation patting themselves on the back.

5. Mountjoy Prison helicopter escape

On October 31st 1973, 3 members of the IRA Seamus Twomey, J.B. O’hagan and Kevin Mallon had an escape straight from the big screen! Their IRA friends hijacked a helicopter from a town in Ireland, flew it to Mountjoy and forced the pilot to land in the exercise yard picking up the prisoners. From there they took the prisoners to Bal Doyle Racecourse where a car was awaiting and fled to Dublin.

The escape was seen as a massive embarrassment to the Irish prison system and a song was even written about the escape called ‘The Helicopter Song’. The only guys in our 10 insane prison escapes that had a song made after them!

6. Matthew Williams, Keith Rose and Andrew Rodger

These 3 crafty criminals made headlines back in 1995 after they basically just walked right out of Parkhurst prison in the UK. They worked in the prisons metal shop in which they made a 25ft steel ladder and a skeleton key that could open every prison door! They carved the skeleton key from memory after seeing a guards key, clever I know! They also made a gun, seems to be a theme in our 10 insane prison escapes.

So how did they escape, well they unlocked the back door of the gym from there they cut a hole in the inner gate and scaled the outer fence. They didn’t last long and were caught 4 days later hiding in a shed from where they planned to steal an Aeroplane.

7. The Texas Seven

In December 2000 7 inmates forced their way out of the John B Connally unit in Kennedy, Texas. The men managed to overpower 2 guards and eight maintenance men from who they stole their clothes, keys to a truck and locked them in a utility closet. Dressed up as guards they managed to fool other guards into giving them their weapons, before tying them up and escaping in a truck.

The crew then went on a huge crime spree in Dallas and San Antonio as well as killing an officer in Texas. They fled to Colorado where one of the inmates committed suicide before they were finally captured.

8. T.J. Lane

Out of our 10 insane prison escapes this guy has got to be the worst. In 2012 this psychopath killed 3 of his fellow classmates in a school shooting. Lane was sentenced to 3 life sentences at the Allen Correctional Institute in Lima, Ohio. On September 9th 2014 Lane along with convicted kidnapper Clifford Opperud and murderer Lindsay Bruce, used a homemade ladder to scale the walls to the prison roof. From the roof they jumped 15ft to the outside and made off on foot.

The ladder was made after they broke into a locked crawl space and found all the materials they needed. The 3 inmates were found within a measly 9 hours after escaping.

9. Choi Gap-Bok

On September 2012 Choi Gap-Bok was arrested on suspicion of robbery. The 50 year old was put into a police detention cell in the city of Daegu, where he spent 5 days before his escape. Choi was a dedicated yoga practitioner and using that he rubbed ointment all over his body, before squeezing through the cell doors food slot whilst the guards were fast asleep! He earned the title ‘The Korean Houdini’ , Choi fled to a remote mountain after his escape.

10. Richard Matt and David Sweat

In June 2015 this pair executed a ‘Shawshank Redemption’ style escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, USA. They cut through a steel wall in the back of their cell, crawled down a catwalk, broke through a brick wall, cut their way in and out of a steam pipe, then sliced their way through a chain and lock on a manhole cover outside the prison! The 2 then had to shimmy themselves down the pipe before cutting themselves out again. These guys were determined to escape with all that effort and deserve to be in 10 insane prison escapes, I’m sweating just thinking about it! They spent around 3 days on the run before a stand off with the authorities, Matt was killed and Sweat was recaptured.

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