14 year old rape victims interview names UK Pop legend video

14 year old rape victims interview names UK pop legend video

In this video the 14 year old rape victims interview names UK pop legend, for legal reason he cannot be named in the UK. This video names him though! The public have a right to know.

The real reason he was sacked from the BBC

The real reason behind the sudden sacking from the BBC and a well known show 'The Voice' is because of the rape allegations brought forward from several people. His name has been released in the US but not in the UK. Well all that will change with the release of the video I'm about to show you.

It seems the BBC has had a lot of controversy surrounding paedophilia!

The BBC a massive broadcasting corporation in the UK has been at the heart of a scandal in recent years and it seems like it will never end! Victim after victim keep coming forward and its still going on! This is the latest allegation to shock the nation from yet another icon.

When will it end? ...

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