19 Human bodies crazy facts video that you never knew!

19 Human bodies crazy facts video you never knew!

Watch these 19 Human bodies crazy facts video you never knew! These weird and creepy facts will change the way you look at your body! Take for example, our eyelashes have tiny mites living on them, they feed of our dead skin cells and are constantly pooping in our eyes, Yuck!

Did you know a human baby has more bones in their bodies than an adult does, weird I never would have thought that! And that every time we sneeze, all our organs in our body stop working including our heart. Maybe the saying 'sneeze to death' could have some truth behind it.

The 19 Human bodies crazy facts video proves our body is amazing

It's true, our bodies can do extraordinary things. The human liver can be 70% removed and it will fully regenerate back to its normal size, I thought only lizards had this capability re-growing limbs.

The guy in this video man falls 47 stories and lives to tell his story is an example of the human body capable of repairing itself after a massive trauma.

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