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20 things you have been doing wrong


20 Things you have been doing wrong, These tips will speed up your life!

20 Things you have been doing wrong! Tips to make your life easier

[dropcap color=”#” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]E[/dropcap]ver wondered why things seem to always go wrong for you? Probably because you were never shown the correct way to use them! In this video we will show you 20 things you have been doing wrong, and how to use them the right way!

20. Takeaway box that turns into a plate

Yep all this time the simple takeaway box you have been getting your delicious food in all these years, is actually a clever little invention. If you unfold the box carefully it turns into a mess free, no washing up, disposable plate.

19. Microwave leftovers

Do you ever have left over food in the fridge and decide to microwave it? We all do it at some point in our lives, some more often than not. Heres a handy little tip to ensure you don’t get half way through your meal to find it’s stone cold in the centre. Make a tiny well in the middle of your food to ensure heat is distributed evenly throughout, eliminating that dreaded cold spot in the centre of your meal.

18. Extra shopping space on your trolley

Ever wondered what those strange metal loops on your trolley were for? They were designed so that the customer can make maximum use of space whilst shopping, simply hang bags around the cart and hey presto double the space!

17. Slicing a fresh bread loaf

Have you noticed when slicing a freshly bought loaf of bread that it ends up squashing your slices into mini slices? Well that’s because you have been slicing it wrong this whole time! Simply turn the loaf upside down and cut your slices that way, this gives you more surface area to cut and minimises the squashing of the loaf.

16. Fast food Condiment containers

Most fast food restaurants provide them, it’s that little cardboard cup that you squirt your sauces into. Bet you didn’t know these act similar to the takeaway boxes we mentioned earlier, just unfold the tiny container and it turns into a supersize bowl, giving you and extra 3x the portion size of sauce you would normally get! Perfect for sharing with the family! I love this one on our list of 20 things you have been doing wrong.

15. Tic Tac box

Bet you have all done this I know I have, we open the lid on the Tic Tac box and try to shake out a single Tic Tac but ending up with loads!. Surprisingly to know the developers of the tiny refreshing sweet originally developed the box to be turned upside down whilst the lids closed, allowing a single Tic Tac to be dispensed. The lid has a special groove in it that lets one Tic Tac sit snuggly in, all you have to do is open the lid and turn the box back round and there you have it, one single sweet dispensed!

14. Boil over proof your pans!

Do you hate it when you pans of food decide to suddenly boil over the sides? This easy tip will definitely save you from all that frustration. Get yourself a wooden spoon and place it across the top of the pan, this stops the water bubbles in their tracks by popping them when they come in contact with the spoon. No more horrible mess!

13. Peanut butter storage

Does your peanut butter become hard to scoop out of the jar? Peanut Butter is meant to be stored upside down to stop the oils from separating, this helps keep the peanut butter smooth and easy to spread. Now you know 🙂

12. Extension cords

Imagine your outside mowing your lawn and suddenly the power cuts off, yep it’s that annoying extension cord that’s come apart again! Not only is this dangerous but it also makes our job a lot harder. Don’t despair, to combat this issue create a loop with the 2 ends before you plug them together as shown in the video. Using this hack will stop the plugs getting pulled apart by creating resistance through the loops.

11. Chopping onions

Probably the worst job in the kitchen, chopping up onions! We all hate it due to the fact they stink and are extremely irritating to your eyes, making your eyes stream water like crazy. Ahh but we have solved this for you, well not the stinky part but the eyes watering! Get some chewing gum and next time you are cutting up them onions pop some in your mouth and start chewing, this trick will stop your eyes from watering!

10. Oven warming drawer

That drawer under your oven that we use to warm our plates up before serving is actually meant for food! Ever cooked a big dinner and realised the chicken for example needs a bit longer but the rest of the food is ready? Not to fear, put the ready food in the warming drawer until the chicken is cooked, this ensures all the food is warm when plated up.

9. Drinks cans

When it comes to making your !drinks cans cold we tend to put them into the fridge one by one, this is wrong! Simply open up both ends of the cans box, put one end in the fridge then slide the whole lot out by pushing with your hand from the other end! simple and very very quick!

8. Eye patches

Wondered why pirates wear eye patches? This one is going to surprise you! It’s so they can see in the dark better, believe it or not by wearing an eye patch before entering a dark room, then taking the patch of you will see incredibly better than not wearing one. This is because the eye under the dark patch is already accustomed to the dark making you instantly able to see better in dark places. This one belongs on the 20 things you have been doing wrong.

7. Sleeping on public transport

On the head rests of some transportation is a piece of fabric that lets the user rest part of their head
inside for sleeping on long journeys. It was invented to give customers the best possible travel experience whilst making them comfortable and happy. The woman in the video may look silly but this way of sleeping is incredibly comfy and efficient!

6. Boxes that dispense foil etc

When taking a sheet of foil out of its dispensing box has it ever fell out on you and unravelled all over the place? Next time you buy a roll if you look on either ends of the box, it has a little push in tab, this tab is there to keep the roll from falling out of the box whilst you pull off a sheet.

5. Cooling down glass bottles

Have you ever put a glass bottle in the freezer to cool it down faster only for it to break and make a mess from the ice inside expanding? Don’t ever put glass bottles in the freezer it’s not a good idea! Our tip is get some kitchen roll and wet it through, wrap the roll around the bottle and put it in the fridge. The wet kitchen roll will rapidly cool down your drink, giving you a tasty cold beer in a matter of minutes! 20 things you have been doing wrong must have!

4. Can ring pulls and straws

Once you have opened you can of drink using the ring pull, simply twist the ring pull around till it covers the drinking hole, this is for a straw to be placed in keeping in in position and not popping out of the fizzy drink every few seconds!a 20 things you have been doing wrong contender!

3. Extra closet hanging space

Staying on the ring pull theme, this handy tip will maximise your closet space. Completely pull your ring pull off your finished can, give it a wash then loop one end through the top of a coat hanger, this gives you a loop dangling down for another coat hanger to hang on. The video above shows exactly what I mean. The thing is with this trick you can hang as many items as you want until they touch the closet floor!

2. Cleaning a dirty blender

This is a great tip and I will definitely be using this one for sure! Once you have used your blender, instead of struggling trying to clean all the mess from out of it, simply drop a touch of washing up liquid into the blender then add hot water, Set the blender to blend again and watch the magic happen! Self cleaning blender!

1. Classic duck hunter 2 player secret mode!

Have you ever had the pleasure of playing this retro duck hunter game? I know I have! But I bet you didn’t know that the game has a built in secret 2 player mode! What? I know right? All you have to do to activate this 2 player mode is put your gun to the tv whilst shooting then get the second player to connect their controller, now that second player is able to control the ducks whilst you try and shoot them! OMG why have I never been told this, I could of wasted many more pointless hours of my childhood! Definitely one for our 20 things you have been doing wrong! How’s that for 20 things you have been doing wrong ?

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