‘Butterfly Boy’ The boy whose skin falls off.

Butterfly boy the boy whose skin falls off

Jonathan Pitre, from Russell, Canada the boy whose skin falls off, suffers from a rare condition called Epidermolysis bullosa. Inspirational Jonathan is only expected to live to 21 and lives in pain constantly. Around 90% of Johnathan's skin peels away with the slightest of touch or a knock.

Jonathan's mum, Tina, has to constantly clean his wounds and redress them to stop the onset of serious infection. Some of his wounds are classed as chronic wounds, meaning they never heal. Jonathan's skin blisters so badly, that the pain gives him a constant feeling of severe migraines and nausea.

What is Epidermolysis bullosa?

This rare condition causes a person's skin to blister and fall away from the body. It is caused by a genetic mutation between the dermis and epidermis, causing the skins layers to slide and rub due to the connecting strands not properly anchoring together. The skin becomes fragile and the results are extremely debilitating, leaving patients in constant pain.

The term Butterfly boy or Butterfly children is coined, because a person suffering with this conditions skin, is said to be as fragile as a butterflies wings!

Around 9 people per million suffer from Epidermolysis bullosa, it affects every race and both male and females.

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