This cable tie rat trap is serious! Watch how to video here.

Cable tie rat trap

Hate rats? who doesn't, watch this video on how to make a cable tie rat trap at home, cheaply and easily. You most probably already have the materials needed tucked away in your garage or shed, if not I've listed them below.

Video on how to make a cable tie rat trap and materials needed

Watch the rat trap how to video above then you know how easy it just is to make this ingenious rat trap. You might want to also watch how easy a rat can enter your home through your toilet and pipes! You'll soon be building this rat trap after seeing that!

Here the list of materials you will need, I've sourced the cheapest options to make this cable tie rat trap below:

Buy here - Cable ties
Buy here - Electrical tape
Buy here - Cable clips
Buy here - Adjustable spanner
Buy here - Yellow thread

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