Cambridge college student sets fire to £20 in front of freezing homeless man!

This video shows the taunting and disgusting behavour of a ‘toff’, burning a £20 note in front of a hungry and freezing homeless man.

The Cambridge student (Ronald Coyne) who tried to taunt a homeless man by setting fire to a £20 note in front of him has had his actions condemed and has been expelled from the university’s Conservative society. This isn’t the first time a student at the hyper-privileged institution has abused rough sleepers, said a charity spokesman.
The Law student , who is thought to be a distant relative of Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, was filmed on camera dressed in white tie and tails extremely drunk trying to set fire to the money,That’s worth almost US$25.

Ronald Coyne’s disgusting actions were condemned by his mother. Cambridge reacted to the video and first-year student has been expelled from the Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA),Where he served as communications officer.

George Clarke, the founder of a local homelessness charity, Embrace Cambridge, has said Coyne is one of many university students to act cruelly towards people sleeping rough.