Chicken plays piano after being taught, viral video

Chicken plays piano

As crazy as this sounds this chicken plays piano!. Someone actually spent time training their pet chicken to play the piano in this extremely funny video. I started of watching this video, thinking come on this can't be real? can it? How wrong was ! And to top it off I couldn't stop laughing at this unnatural act of bat shit crazy genius! Haha

How does the chicken play the piano?

Ok this is the question we all want to know! It's pretty simple, if you watch carefully the Chicken plays piano keys that light up with a red dot. I reckon it just sees the dots as food? What do you think?

Why would you train a Chicken to play the piano?

Well why not right? It certainly gave me a good laugh! How about training an egg to skydive! or even better a Giraffe to limbo 🙂

This Chicken plays piano good though!

Nah, only joking! The odds are likely that if your place any chicken brained animal in front of a piano that keys light up, that it would do exactly the same.