Construction worker fail, handheld hole borer

Construction worker fail, Handheld hole borer!

Watch this funny video of two construction worker fail by getting thrown from a dual handheld hole borer. Never underestimate the power of machinery! haha. You can’t beat a good fail to brighten up your day, made me laugh anyway!

What is a hole borer?

A hole borer is a piece of construction machinery that creates (bores) a perfect hole in the ground, for a post to be inserted into.

Why do we laugh at fails?

People failing or a just being idiots makes us feel better about our own lives, and think well maybe I’m not doing so bad after all. As long as no ones getting hurt then its all good.

These fail videos will always be popping up around the internet for us all to have a chuckle at. I say keep them coming!

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