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dark web made hacker fear for life and quit


Dark Web made Hacker fear for life and quit! Graphic account given!

Dark web made Hacker fear for life and quit using it full stop!

This true account from a Hacker who won’t reveal his identity, for obvious reasons as its extremely terrifying why the Dark Web made Hacker fear for life. He became a Hacker from the age of 12, this personal account is from when he is 20, and considered a pro in his field of Hacking. Be warned though what he is about to tell you is very much real and will give you nightmares!

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a set of websites and pages, normal internet users like you and I would find it hard to access. The Dark Web is an encrypted network and focuses on mainly illegal activity i.e. the sale of weapons and drugs and sometimes more sinister ongoings, like human trafficking, slavery, and murder! It’s a Hackers playground! No wonder the Dark Web made Hacker fear for his life.

How do I access the Dark Web?

Well, truth be told, why would you want to? If one was inclined to the Dark Web can be accessed using a TOR system (The Onion Router) which uses peer to peer technology. If you are not used to the Dark Web you would find it hard to use.

The ‘Dark Web’ is often referred to by Hackers as ‘OnionLand’ due to the top level domain being .onion .Normal internet we use everyday is referred to by Hackers as ‘ClearWeb’ due to its unencrypted nature.

Why is the Dark Web so hidden?

The Dark Web or OnionLand transmits users data through intermediate servers guaranteeing anonymity. The system is so complicated that it is almost impossible to reproduce the Node scheme and unencrypt the data. Users are therefore totally anonymous from Geo-location and ip address tracking from websites, this works both ways stopping the user finding out information about the host (website) they are using. Dark Web made Hacker fear for life.

What is Hacking?

Hacking in short, is a way to access websites, data and programs through scripts and codes designed to break through passwords, exploit weaknesses in websites or crack programs serial keys to get full use of software illegally. The Hacker culture originally emerged around the 1960’s and one of the earliest examples of hacking came from students at MIT. Students at MIT called themselves hackers as they wanted to excel in the programs they created to show off to the class, proving they were the best they could be.

Is Hacking illegal?

Depending on what kind of hacking you are doing, depends on the legality. If for instance you are hacking a program that you owned or had right to that wasn’t used for illegal purpose then this would be legal. If on the other hand you had malicious intent and purposely tried to break into a website to create damage or theft then yes, that would be highly illegal.

When is Hacking used for good?

Companies employ Hackers with certain skills to test out their systems for vulnerabilities and exploits. This is a great way for a company or website to beef up its security and keep its data in safe hands. One good Hacker can find the exploits before a malicious hacker finds it and patch up the code rendering the exploit no more.

Dark Web made Hacker fear for life

Even great Hackers get exploited by other great hackers, like in this video above. Being a hacker is not all rosy, especially if your’e a Hacker on the Dark Web. This Hackers video truly scares the hell out of me and makes you think how lucky you really are. For websites like this to exist is terrifying, the people behind such evil remind me of films like the Saw franchise.

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