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disgusting hoarders video woman collects human shit


Disgusting hoarders video, woman collects human shit!

Disgusting hoarders video woman collects human shit!

[dropcap color=”#” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]B[/dropcap]e prepared to witness some of the most disgusting hoarders ever caught on video. In this disgusting hoarders video we will show you the top 5, including what I think is the worst one, the woman that collects actual human shit! I kid you not. I don’t know what goes through some peoples minds but this woman is absolutely disgusting, she even eats her dinner straight after messing with the poop without washing her hands! Come on, what the hells wrong with you?

Why hoarding is bad

Hoarding is a compulsive behaviour that certain individuals cannot break the habit of. A hoarder can’t throw anything he or she collects and ends up with a house that’s full off potentially fire hazardous materials, i.e. stacks and stacks of newspapers and magazines. I’m guessing the woman that collects poop won’t have that problem, yuck!

Hoarding also causes many other problems including pest infestations including rats, flies if your the poop lady, double yuck! General uncleanliness of the house the hoarder lives in as there’s no room to move to clean anywhere, also damp and mould problems within the house can occur, this in itself causes a major health risk from the spores you inhale the mould lets off.

Do you know a hoarder? let me know in the comments below how it affects their every day life (don’t mention names please this isn’t a which hunt!)

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