Drunk Lawnmower guy

Steve the drunk lawnmower guy gets caught driving down the highway DUI by local cop, he pulls him over for a search and an explanation. As the cop is checking his belongings, Steve jumps in the cop cruiser and speeds off!

Moments later Steve arrives at the local garage and casually walks in, then out, with a crate of beer like nothings happened. 1-0 to Steve the drunk  ,well that's until the cop arrives at the station and tackles him!

What is a DUI ?

A DUI or Driving whilst under the influence is a criminal offence, which involves any person intoxicated, or on drugs, operating any type of motor vehicle.

This video of Steve the drunk guy is comedy genius, you can't make this stuff up! All he wanted was some smokes and a few beers!

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Drunk Lawnmower guy gets caught on highway, then steals cop car!

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