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Everything will kill you from A to Z

Yes everything will kill you depending on how much and what you do.

In this video everything will kill you I will show you from A to Z exactly what and how much will kill you!

We as humans all go through life wondering if how and when we are going to die?

Well let me tell you that everything can kill you! Depending on what it is or how much you consume!

The world is full of temptation and let me just say, if you love the cake then you might be on your way to a heart disease!

Same goes for anything really, take water for example. If you consume too much water you will flood your brain and kill yourself!

Crazy right? It’s just water, I never knew that! Be warned though excessive consumption will grant you to a one way ticket to meet death!

Everything in moderation is key to living a long and healthy life, too much and everything will kill you!

Yes, you heard me right! to much of anything will most definitely kill you… Now I’m not saying it’s right to take drugs and drink etc!

All I’m saying is moderation with food, especially take away food is going to stand you in good stead!

Be aware of prescription drugs and chemicals.

Prescription drugs is self-explanatory, many celebrities have died from the misuse of prescription drugs.

That one in its self is a dilemma!

Let me explain what I mean about chemicals! Take for example certain shampoos, or hair dyes! They are packed with chemicals that are not meant to enter the human body!

Toothpaste for example contains fluoride, a substance that calcifies inside our body… by calcifies, I mean it turns to a bone like substance clogging our bodies.

So the next time you pick up that hairspray or deodorant, or any household item… Whether it be a cleaning product or grooming product, you get the drift.

Where do you think these chemicals go? Our bodies surface, i.e skin absorbs everything through our pores.

Time to cringe and thing again when you decide to clean the oven without gloves!

Be warned as the video above everything will kill you if you give it the chance no matter what!

Enjoy this viral video and please share to let your friends know about everything will kill you !

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