First Moon landing 1969 Neil Armstrong

Incredible footage of the first moon landing 1969 with Astronaut Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11

If you have never seen the footage of the first moon landing 1969 when Neil Armstrong makes world history, stepping onto the moon then here is the original video.

One of the greatest feats of mankind was the successful mission to the moon, way back in 1969 it became reality and the first man in human history stepped off the Apollo 11 onto the moon's surface.

Half of us today are to young to remember the moon landing and never witnessed the footage broadcast worldwide.

Maybe you wasn't even born back then? I know I wasn't!

We have all been taught about the moon landing one way or another but possibly have never even seen the real footage?

Feast your eyes on the video above about the first moon landing 1969 and witness an incredible feat in history.