Funniest drunk guy ever trying to buy more beer! Watch video till end.

Drunk Guy trying to buy more beer!

Watch this drunk guy try his best to walk around a store to buy more beer (alcohol), he spends more time on the floor than he is stood up, this guy needs to go home! haha.

This video is speeded up x2 of a drunk guy buying beer and has backing music to Benny Hill. which makes it a whole lot funnier to watch.

This drunk guy in store is gonna have a massive hangover in the morning. We have all had our fair share of beer but rarely do we end up in this state! I don't think this guy knows when enough is enough, surprised he isn't being sick with the state he is in.

We all know a drunk guy like this guy in the video

Yes it's true, we all have that friend, the drunk that's always at the parties, the drunk that always makes a fool of himself. I suppose life would be damn boring without them, where would all the fun be if everyone was stuck up and never let themselves go?

So hats of to the drunks! Keep up the funny antics!

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