A 26 year old gambler who thought he had hit the £37million jackpot on a fruit machine in Austria has been given £60 and a free meal instead

, after dodgy casino bosses said the jackpot win was due to a software error.

Behar Merlaku, played the jackpot winning machine at a casino in Bregenz, Austria.
Despite Behar only getting four of the five slot machine's required matching symbols, Mr Merlaku was told by the machine he had won the life changing jackpot - complete with a flashing screen and a loud winning bell.
To his amazement when he went to claim his prize from the claims department, he was instead offered a measly £60 and a meal by the casino bosses after they discredited his win.

Now disgruntled Behar is to launch a 'first of its kind' lawsuit in Austria to force the casino to honour his win, Mr Merlaku's lawyers have said he is entitled to the payout due to what the machine said.
The lawsuit is thought to be the largest claim of its kind anywhere in the world. Casino and gaming operators are keeping a close eye on the case, no wonder, this could open a whole new problem for dodgy operators.

Guy wins £37million fruit machine

The heart breaking incident happened in a Casino in an Austria AG establishment at Bregenz. The gaming company also has UK outlets, and happened on March 26 this year.
When Behar made his claim, the operators of the casino immediately passed the blame onto the machines software designers invalidating his claim.

When Mr Merlaku snubbed the insulting offer of compensation he was immediately banned from the casino. Lawyers for the plaintiff say the company refuse to take any responsibility for the error.

The casino bosses also cited Austrian law, which says jackpots cannot be higher than two million euros on any machine.
A press conference is to be held in Innsbruck, Austria, outlining the epic case against Casinos Austria, which also operates a casino in Glasgow, UK.

The casinos UK subsidiary holds a UK gaming operators licence, they also operate casinos worldwide.

Behar's legal team said: 'The slot machine that produced the winning display was immediately accessed by Casinos Austria.

'The regulator, the Austrian Ministry of Finance, has shown no interest in pursuing an orderly investigation as would be the case in well regulated gaming jurisdictions such as the UK, the USA, Australia and Singapore.'

Behar a Kosovar-Albanian who moved to Switzerland during the time of the Balkans wars, stated in an Austrian TV interview that the happiest moment of his life suddenly turned into heartache.
He added: 'The jackpot came up loud and clear. There was music and the sum I had won - nearly 43 million euros - was displayed on a screen.

Mr Merlaku was so overjoyed that immediately he began calculating what he could do with all his winnings.
Behar even used his mobile phone camera to film the footage of his epic win to show his mates.
Unfortunately this could be used against him in court of law because his video sadly shows he only had four out of the five symbols on a win line. in Austria there must be a definite five symbol matches.

Mr Merlaku's lawyers will argue that the gaming machine stated he had won and therefore he is wholly justified in pursuing a solid claim.


Guy wins £37million fruit machine, gets offered free meal instead!