Instruments left on London’s Bankside sparked something magical!

Musical instruments that were left on London's Bankside sparked something magical. The public picked them up and created something amazing!

Trading company UFX placed instruments on London's Bankside sparked something magical, including a piano, drum kit, saxophone, microphone, harmonica, bass guitar and symbols.

The instruments were left for the public to play whatever they wanted to as a social experiment.

First up was a middle-aged guy on the piano, he started of slow then all of a sudden he rocked it!

Soon after a kid joined him on the drums.

Next everyone stepped up and all I can say is wow! What a great experiment, I wasn't expecting that!

After everything that's happened in London lately this was a pleasant surprise, uplifting people's spirits!

I don't think the river side of London has ever had so much fun!

London's Bankside sparked something magical that we will remember for a long time!

Way to go London!


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