Lad chops his finger off with machete on purpose. Graphic video!

This lad stupidly chops his own finger off on purpose with a machete and instantly regrets it, warning extremely graphic video!

Why he thought this would be a good idea I will never know why this lad chops finger off!

This lad chops own finger off with a huge machete thinking he is being clever, and to show off. But as the video shows he immediately regrets it when the blood and pain start flowing!

At the start of the video I thought it was going to be one of those pretend videos where nothing happens or that it will be fake.

I was wrong, he sets up his camera, wooden board and holds his machete in one hand. He adjusts his camera and gives us all a grin like he is the mafia or something!

When this lad chops finger off he soon realises he has fucked up! Stupid boy!