Magician accidentally cuts wifes head off with chainsaw live!

Horrific magic trick gone wrong with a chainsaw when Magician accidentally cuts wifes head off

During a routine magic show this magician was performing the saw a body in half trick with a live chainsaw, he has performed this 100’s of times with his wife in front of live audiences. Unfortunately on this day his wife’s head became stuck in the box before she could swap it for a fake head, she tried signalling her husband but he didn’t notice as the music was so loud. The Magician continued with the trick as he usually would by chain sawing through the box, the magician accidentally cuts wifes head off in the process killing her instantly.

Magic has all kinds of risks to it that’s what makes it entertaining, but when this Magician accidentally cuts wifes head off, the tragic loss we witnessed is a stark reminder of the very real dangers. To make it worse it was his Wife that was killed, I don’t think this Magician will be performing tricks like this again anytime soon.

Magic tricks have been going wrong since they began, A Magician and his wife on Britain’s Got Talent messed up live when he accidentally got shot in the neck with a flaming arrow.Luckily he wasn’t seriously hurt and only suffered minor injuries!

Another instance was when well known Magician David Blane shot his self in the throat! He was performing a trick where he caught a bullet in a special cup he had made in his mouth. The cup slipped of the grooves in his mouth guard that held it in place, when he fired the gun it shot the cup to the back of his throat, David said he was sure he was dead and thought the bullet had shot right through the back of his head! After the lucky escape his staff and assistants swore never to help David again with the trick.

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