Man tests venomous Bullet Ant sting immediately regrets it!

Man tests venomous Bullet Ant sting immediately regrets it!

Watch when a man tests venomous Bullet Ant sting immediately regrets it viral video! Bullet Ants are feared for a reason, they are highly venomous and cause an excruciating, searing hot pain where stung!

They are top of the leader board when it comes to most painful insect sting in the world, followed by the hugely scary Tarantula Hawk wasp.

Don't try this at home!

What is a Bullet Ant?

A Bullet Ant (Paraponera clavata) is a species of ant that lives in the humid rainforests of Nicaragua, Paraguay and Honduras. The venomous sting from a Bullet Ant causes excruciating, searing hot pain, it's best to leave this guy alone.

This little but potent venomous ant is also known as 'the 24 hour ant' This is due to the excruciating pain that follows for 24 hours! It is also known as this due to the time it can take for a human to die from the sting! The Bullet Ants painful sting is reportedly like that from a bullet wound!

How big can a Bullet Ant grow to?

The bullet ant is relatively small, and can grow up to around 1.2 inches. Don't confuse its smallness with weakness! It is essentially a wingless wasp packing an extreme punch!

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