New polymer 5 pound note can play records! Video.

New polymer 5 pond note can play records

The new polymer 5 pound note can play records, just by resting one corner of the note into the groves within a vinyl disc and let the magic happen. As this video shows the new fiver isn't just a thing of beauty, it can also sound beautiful!

Play vinyl with any polymer note

You can essentially play records with the new plastic 5 pound notes and the same with the plastic Australian dollar notes. So dust off them records and give it a try. I have tried this in the office and it actually, really works!

How does the 5 pound note play music on vinyl?

The new polymer 5 pound note can play records due to the note vibrating at different frequencies, producing sound. Records or vinyl as the true name is, have hundreds of tiny grooves on them which determine what sound is to be played.

The new polymer 5 pound note can play records fun facts

Fun fact 1: If vinyl is stored correctly and you don't expose it to high heat, it has the potential to last for centuries!

Fun fact 2: The first kind of record was produced in 1894

Fun fact 3: Vinyl dominated the home entertainment market until the late 1980's when compact laser disks took over, but that's all changing again and vinyl is making a massive comeback, becoming highly sought after and collectible.

Fun fact 4: Early disk speeds ranged from 60rpm-130rpm, it wasn't until 1925 when the standard speed across all vinyl was set at 78rpm.

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