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President Trumps vehicle, 10 mind boggling facts!

10 mind boggling facts about president Trumps vehicle

[dropcap color=”#” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]T[/dropcap]he presidential vehicle or motorcade is one hell of an animal! $1.5 million to be precise. The presidential motorcade for Donald Trumps inauguration has been in development for years and has cost upwards of $15 million. This is one hell of a research team!

The Presidents car tank

Sporting 8 inch thick armoured doors and bullet proof glass that can withstand a .44 magnum bullet. A body that’s made of 5 inch military grade armour along with armour plate flooring, that will protect President Trump from grenades and bombs. Thought that was crazy?, President Trump’s car even has a special gas tank that self seals with foam if it was compromised or punctured.

The costs

A regular everyday Limousine will cost you around $75,000, well not this one. As you can imagine President Trumps motorcade is going to be rather expensive! Throwing in all the military armour costs and bullet proof glass, this beast will set you back a staggering $1.5 million!

How fast will this thing go?

What would you reckon with all that heavy armour? Yep you guessed it, slower than the British rail service! In fact President Trumps Limousine will only do 60mph in around 15 seconds! WOW! But don’t let that put you off, the secret service compensate for this lack of speed, by training agents in an advanced driving course specifically designed for the presidential motorcade. These highly trained secret service agents are trained to be able to get the vehicle out of nearly any situation that may arise. In essence, they can handle the motorcade as if it was a Ferrari.

One is not enough

Altogether there is around 12 Presidential Limousines, the reason behind this is so any ‘wanna be’ assassin has no idea which vehicle the President may be in, in other words they’re a bunch of mega expensive decoys. Another reason behind the amount of duplicates is for VIP’s and the likes.

This limousine has air miles

The Presidential Motorcade is always flown ahead to any country President Trump may be visiting. This service is courtesy of the US military, this is so the President always has a familiar set of vehicles to travel around in and has the upmost safety!

Why so many escorting vehicles?

Size really does matter, the more vehicles in President Trumps convoy means the more dangerous the environment is. The smallest convoy usually has around 10 vehicles escorting the President, but this can soon rise to the addition of motorcycles, SUV’s and cars to the tune of 40 vehicles altogether.

Intelligence is the key

Secret service agents are constantly on the look out for threats to the President and President Trumps Vehicle, they are trained in listening out for terrorist key words over the airwaves and for suspicious activity. This training proved useful in 1996 when agents picked up on the keywords ‘bridge’ and ‘marriage’ whilst escorting former president Bill Clinton in the Philippines. The word ‘marriage’ is an often used terrorist code word for imminent attack! President Clintons convoy was immediately diverted on a new route, later that day searches of the bridge on the original route uncovered explosives attached to the underneath of the bridge.

Immense firepower you don’t want to mess with!

One of the accompanying SUV’s sports a hefty 6 barrel Gatling gun that pops out of its roof, this extreme weapon can fire thousands of rounds per minute!

Gadgets James Bond would be envious of!

President Trumps vehicle as standard has night vision cameras, fire fighting equipment and tear gas grenades. The Limousine can also withstand chemical attacks with its inbuilt oxygen tanks and equipment. To top this off the Presidents vehicle of choice is extremely luxurious with its plush leather seats and decadent trimmings.

All in all, this vehicle is one ultimate beast!

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