Sausage Party Grocery store prank with Seth Rogen

Watch Seth Rogen set up animatronic food items around a grocery store in New York, rig up cameras and microphones, then go behind the scenes to scare unsuspecting customers. This sausage party grocery store prank is hilarious!

What is the Sausage Party film all about?

The sausage party film is for adults, you'll know why when you watch it! The film is full of comical, animated food characters with very dirty minds(adult humour). This film is definitely not for kids! Must admit though I found it extremely hilarious, you'll definitely want to put this one on your list of comedies!

This funny video is based around the film Sausage Party and is comedy genius! Probably one of the best pranks iv'e seen for ages!

Haven't seen the film yet? you can buy the Sausage Party DVD here

Sausage Party grocery store prank, with Seth Rogen using animatronics

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