Shark attacks caught on camera. WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Shark attacks caught on camera. Warning EXTREMELY graphic!

Viewer discretion is advised these videos of shark attacks caught camera may disturb some viewers, extremely graphic content is shown uncensored! Be advised!

Shark attacks are few and far between

Don't worry to much about sharks when you go swimming, shark attacks only happen from mistaken identity. Shark attacks caught camera are truly scary and I really feel for the people at the receiving end of these powerful beasts!

How many shark attacks have happened?

Between 1958 and 2016 only 2899 shark attacks have happened worldwide! May sound like a lot, but to put that into perspective that's only 4 per year worldwide, a third of the attacks were on surfers. Australia is the number one place in the world for shark attacks, Western Australia has been named the most deadliest place in the world when it comes to sharks!

Shark attacks vs land animal attacks

Here's some shocking comparisons for you.

  1. Mosquitos kill 655,000 people a year!
  2. Hippos kill 2900 people per year!
  3. Deer kill 130 people per year!
  4. 53 people a year in the US die from bee stings!
  5. 35 people a year in the US are killed by dogs! (not all dogs are mans best friend)
  6. Up to 50 people a year in Africa die from Ant stings!
  7. Up to 40 people a year in the Philippines die from Jellyfish stings!
  8. Cows kill 22 people a year in the US!
  9. Horses kill 20 people per year worldwide!
  10. Spiders kill 6 people a year in the United States!
  11. Rattlesnakes kill 5 people per year!
  12. Sharks kill 4 people per year WORLDWIDE!

Shark attacks are way down the list above, so no need to be scared of them, just be vigilant when swimming near them and treat them with the upmost respect. After all they are more than easily capable of killing you if they wanted to!

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