Shocking video resurfaced, Japanese girl eating her own eyeball!

A shocking video has resurfaced, showing a Japanese girl eating her own eyeball after pulling it out with a fork!

Extremely graphic and shocking video has resurfaced recently showing a Japanese girl eating her own eyeball.

Real or fake I'm not so sure? She sticks a fork into her eye then pulls out her eyeball, straight away she proceeds to eat the bloodied eye and its entrails!

Be warned though, don't watch this video if you are eating or have just eaten!

It's incredibly disturbing and disgusting!

The Japanese girl eating her own eyeball is another level of crazy!

Why anyone would want to pull their own eye out for a start is messed up, never mind proceeding to eat said eyeball!

Some people have mentioned it might be from a sick Japanese movie that we haven't heard of, I can't seem to find it.

If it is I'd love to know in the comments below!

Until then many have believed it to be a real video, sick!

The pain pulling out your own eyeball is up there with the worst pain imaginable, not to mention you would have to be a raging psychopath to endure such torture!

You will be surprised how many people love seeing graphic videos!

Graphic videos you would think land in a small group of viewers, but you would be wrong!

It seems the more gory and brutal the better.

People are naturally inclined to see pain and suffering, as sick as it may sound we all do it.

Think of it like this, everybody remembers the bad things that happens but never the good!

Same with, everybody remembers when a person does something wrong once, but will never talk about or remember all the good that person has done.

Bit of a twisted world we live in really.

Lets just hope this is a magic trick but please do not try this at home as magic can go terribly wrong like in this video of a magician accidentally cutting his wife's head off with a chainsaw.


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