Smeagol talking Sphinx cat gets scared of Halloween mask!

Smeagol talking Sphinx cat gets scared of owners Halloween mask!

Watch the reaction from Smeagol talking Sphinx cat when his owner puts on a scary Halloween mask, You can't make this stuff up, brilliant!Sméagol definitely does not like masks that look like werewolves! "NO NO NO", says Sméagol the poor little bold fella.

What is a Sphinx cat?

The Sphinx is a bold furless cat that was created through selective breeding from as far back as the 1960's. Their skin is very warm to the touch as they loose heat much quicker than your average fur covered cat, this makes the Sphinx cuddly and a heat seeking cat as its trying to keep warm. A nice little fact is you can get Sphinx cats with unusual marking on their skin, just like if they had fur as the pigment is still present in their skin.

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