Top 5 worst DJ habits-learn to be better!

Top 5 worst dj habits that you will want to change!

Watch this video on the top 5 worst dj habits and learn how to become a better DJ, using the right methods shown here in this video!

We all pick up bad habits along the way in some form or another, but when your playing to the masses you might want to consider changing these ones.

Dj-ing is a part of life for many, it brings joy and music to the world.

Without dj-ing the party would be crap, just a jukebox stuck in the corner, with no soul to liven everyone up!

A dj's job is to do the best he possibly can in making a tune sound epic in ways you didn't know.

Along with perfect song to song blending and beat matching, the dj should be able to convince you its one continuous song.

How many of these bad habits have you witnessed? or how many have you picked up? I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment below!