Whisper Challenge Kevin Hart vs The Rock!

Whisper challenge Kevin Hart vs The Rock

Hilarious video of The Rock and Kevin Hart doing a lip reading challenge (the whisper challenge). This whisper challenge Kevin Hart vs The Rock is brilliantly funny, these guys definitely bounce of each others humour.

What is the Whisper challenge?

The whisper challenge is a popular new game that people are playing, one person wears headphones playing some music and sits faceing the opposite player. The player without headphones on speaks a certain sentence or words, the player with headphones on then has to try and lip read or guess what has been said.

Many people have been using this game to announce certain life events to family and friends, such events like pregnancy or engagements! Playing the whisper game is a fun way to break the ice at parties, give it a go today and see how good you are at lip reading. You may have seen this game played on Celebrity juice from time to time, if so you will know the results are hilariously funny to watch.