Hypnotist gives woman orgasm live on stage! Boyfriend gets a surprise!

Hypnotist gives woman orgasm live on stage!

This dodgy hypnotist gives woman orgasm live on stage in this viral video and oversteps the mark! He also gives her boyfriend a massive surprise at the end! This viralvideo is typical of dodgy backstreet hypnotists that truly overstep the boundaries! Maybe the regulations need tightening up more?

What is a hypnotist?

A hypnotist is a person skilled in the art of mind manipulation and control, they can make a person that’s susceptible to being hypnotised do anything they desire whilst ‘under’. Hypnotism is useful for curing phobias and to help in the quitting of habits, habits like smoking.

Does he go to far? I will let you decide! …

*This video may be innapropriate for some age groups, viewer discretion is advised*

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