10 amazing websites you have never heard of!
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10 amazing websites you have never heard of!

10 Amazing websites you will love to see

You will love using these 10 amazing websites, some are a bit of fun and some will help you. Even when you didn't realise you needed help!

Here's a list of the websites in the video above.

10 minute mail email generator

This is exactly what it sounds like.

Do you need to sign up to something using an email, but don't want to use your own private address?

Yes? Then this nifty little website can help!

Once you visit the email generator page you are given a 10 minute, time sensitive email address to use.

Any emails addresses you use from this website, automatically self destruct after 10 minutes, wiping clear any emails received.

Perfect to reduce spam to your personal email 🙂 Cool!

view website here

Fake name generator website-create a whole new identity (just for fun)

Now I'm not sure how to take this website, as it instantly creates you a whole new identity, just for fun obviously.

The fake name generator will provide you a name, address, weight, height, race... well basically a whole new life!

I don't know if the details this site provides are real identities or made up, but I'll let you decide about this one!

Why you would need this site for non illegal purposes I don't know, but I suppose you could use these details to sign up to crap that needs name and addresses etc.

Team that up with the 10 minute email above and bam! This could be quite a good little life hack!

View website here

Madeon's adventure machine website

This cool little website is a bit of fun.

If your into making beats (music) this tool can pass some time.

Once on the website you have a block of squares separated into 3 coloured sections, red, blue and green.

Each square has its own different beat or melody.

All you do is click on one square in the blue section, one square in the red section and finally a square from the green section!

It's as easy as that, you have just created your own tune!

The possibilities are endless, just dive right in and have a mess about with the squares, and see what you come up with.

Have fun!

Visit website here

camelcamelcamel website to find the best price on Amazon

Excuse the weird name with this one it's got nothing to do with camels, well at least I don't think so!

So what's this website all about?

This great site for the 10 amazing websites list, is a godsend to all you Amazon buyers out there.

Once you find something you want to buy on Amazon, copy the products url and paste it into camelcamelcamel.

Why? well, let me tell you!

The camel website will instantly show you all the fluctuations in your products price, letting you know if you are overpaying or if you're getting a great deal!

Thank me later 😉

Visit website here

Hackertyper website to fool your friends!

This website allows you to play a prank on people, by making them believe you are a super fast hacker.

So how does this work?

You visit the hackertyper website and it opens a screen that looks like a cmd prompt on windows.

You don't need to type any real words, just type absolute nonsense as fast as you can into the screen.

The program will type in predefined code making it look like you are a super fast typer and can hack.

Once you have generated enough code, hold down the alt key on your keyboard.

A message will pop up on-screen saying access granted!

Yep, you now look like a super hacker and your friends will believe it!

Fun eh?

Visit website here

Mt Everest in 3D website lets you navigate around Everest

Most of us mere mortals will never step foot on Mt Everest never mind see it in real.

This great website allows you to take a stunning 3D virtual tour around Everest as if you were actually there!

Nothing more to really say on this but I'd recommend checking it out!

Really enjoyed using this website, another great addition to the 10 amazing websites list.

Cool experience!

Visit website here

Down for everyone or just me website

Have you ever found yourself trying to get onto a website and getting no where?

This website allows you to check any website to see if its down.

The thing about this is that it will let you know if it's a worldwide down, or it's just specific to you!

Worth checking out when you experience any website problems! Helpful website for my 10 amazing websites video.

Visit website here

Account killer website including social media

This website does exactly what it says on the tin!

If you want to permanently close down an account, lets say a Facebook profile for instance.

This website will help you do just that, permanently!

Comes in handy when you want a permanent solution and don't know how to do it!

Visit website here

Project Alexandria website helps with books to read

Ever found yourself stuck on what book to read, or similar books to what you have just read?

Head over to the Project Alexandria website and let them know what your interested in, Author name or book title.

This site then displays relevant books, and suggests books to read next!

It's a great recommendation tool for book lovers.

Visit website here

A good movie to watch website for recommendations

Similar to the book website above but this one is for movie lovers!

Are you one of those people who watch hundreds of films? I know I am!

I've watched that many that I get stuck what to watch 🙁

Not any more! This website solves all that for you!

Simply click on the random movie button at this site, and it suggests highly rated films to watch.

Either on Netflix or everywhere else like amazon etc.!

This website will tell you who recommended the film and tells you all about it before you commit to viewing it.

Comes in very handy when you have movie block, stupid brain!

Worth a look!

Visit website here

Well that just about wraps it up for the 10 amazing websites list

Thanks to the guys over at Tech Gumbo for making this video, great work!

Leave me a comment below and let me know any great websites you have come across!

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