10 insane adult water slides you need to try!
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10 insane adult water slides you need to try!

Video of 10 insane adult water slides, you need to try!

10 insane adult water slides you must try once in your lifetime! From water parks around the world. Who says water slides are just for kids?

Bring out that big kid inside you and check some of these of your list!

Personally I love the shark infested water slide best, kill 2 birds with one stone and all that.See sharks and ride an epic water slide at the same time, who wouldn't want to do that?

What is a water slide some might ask?

Well let me tell you my friend, a water slide is an epic part of growing up,visiting your local swimming baths... Well that is, if your lucky enough to have one at your local baths?

I remember my first time on a water slide, it was at my local swimming baths called Wavelengths. I was only a child maybe 6 or 7, staring up at this big blue plastic twisty thing.I will admit, I was a bit scared the first time walking up those steps to reach the top! I placed myself on the slides entrance, with the water gushing past me waiting for the green light, I was nervous as hell.

Suddenly the lifeguard shouted "go" so I inched forward, then whoosh, I was off!I loved every second of it screaming my little head off with joy, all the way down its twists and turns till I shot our the end and landed into the plunge pool at the bottom!Can you guess what happened next? Yes, I rushed straight back to the steps and met the queue ready for another go!

I was hooked! What a rush 🙂

How much does a water slide cost to ride?

It cost absolutely nothing to have a go on a water slide, ok well maybe not nothing, it's in with the entrance fees to the water park!Depending on where you are in the world costs vary from park to park, you are roughly looking at around $30 per adult, children are cheaper at around $20 per child.

If you have a family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children) you can get a family day pass which makes the day out even cheaper!

what else does a water park have to offer apart from water slides?

Most water parks around the world have an abundance of things to do. You can choose to lounge around pools sunbathing all day whilst the kids play, or you can get involved and ride lazy rivers on a rubber ring.

A lazy river is essentially a long twisting river that has its own current, so you can sit in your rubber ring and gently float around the park watching the world go by.

This is great if you had a few drinks the night before 😉

Another good part of a water park is water cannons, I guarantee that the kids will love these! I won't lie, I do to! hush, don't tell anyone 🙂

Does a water park have a bar that serves alcohol?

Haha, this was the first thing I checked! Yes, in fact many do, but I'd check in with the water park your about to visit first, just to make sure!

Now I'm not condoning drinking in charge of children! I meant for when your on holiday with friends, no children Involved.

Nothing beats a good old drink and mucking around in a water park, whilst the sun blazes down over you!

Do you have a favourite water slide? or even a favourite water park? Drop me a comment below and let me know!

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