10 life hacks borderline illegal video! Scams and hacks.
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10 life hacks borderline illegal video! Scams and hacks.

10 Life hacks borderline Illegal video

Watch these 10 life hacks borderline illegal video. Be aware I do not condone anything shown in this video it is for educational purposes only. Some people are using deceitful techniques to acquire free items and money! Some of these life hacks will have you questioning your morality!

What is a life hack?

A life hack is a relatively new term that has been coined, to describe a certain way of doing or using something easier. Life hacks generally get you free items or make the housework a lot easier. Some people have come up with Hacks that use well let me say, scamming methods, to benefit themselves.

One example which is shown in this video is a method offering to go pick up all your work colleagues food from a takeaway, sounds harmless enough right? Here’s the scam! Everyone pays full price for the food they have ordered, you collect all the money and go to the restaurant, you either have money off coupons on you or 2 for 1 offers coupons.

Sometimes the restaurant has the offers on there and then, you pay for the food using these coupons, and hey presto, you have just saved a load of money, in some cases half the cost. Instead of giving the money to your colleagues, you pocket it and say nothing! Dodgy right?

Are the life hacks in this video illegal?

I have posted this video for educational purposes and to show you ways you might be getting scammed. If you are inclined to use any of the methods I have shown you, then be aware you may be committing an offence! Be smart and don’t get scammed!

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