10 things you should never google!

10 things you should never google!

10 things you should never google will ruin your day, unless your sick in the head!

In this video I will show you 10 things you should never google.

Remember 2 girls 1 cup from back in 2006? Yes it scarred our minds for life!

Well it gets a whole lot worse than that, the guy that made 2 girls 1 cup went on to make another video called 4 girls finger paint!

If you was unfortunate enough to witness the 2 girls one cup video well I think you know what will happen in the 4 girls finger paint video!

Need I say more!

10 things you should never google for a reason!

The 10 things you should never google compilation video informs you what sick things and fetishes the world is into, I am giving you a heads up if you ever get a mate telling you to check something out on google!

You might have already got pranked by one of the things in the video above? Or you might just be curious and go check some of them out anyway?

Each to their own I guess!

Anyway hope you enjoy this video and maybe you will use some of the stuff to prank one of your friends with?

You filthy animal!

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