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12 year old girl hangs herself live

Graphic videos 18+

12 Year old girl hangs herself live on fb after stepfathers abuse!

This video is to raise awareness of depression, please be advised graphic content!

uch a sad story that has not had enough media attention. This 12 year old girl who hangs herself live had suffered countless abuse from her stepfather resorted to this tragic video being posted live on Facebook. Katelyn Nicole Davis had her cries for help ignored after posting countless videos pouring her heart out, she clearly needed help.

Dairy of a broken doll

At 12 years old she should have been enjoying life, not having her father figure sexually abuse her! Katelyn created an online diary of her torment using her pseudo name Dolly, which describes in detail the horrific abuse she suffered. Dairy of a broken doll is heart-breaking to read and people of a sensitive nature should be advised not to read it.

A 12 year old girl hangs herself live

Mental illness and suicidal thoughts should not be taken lightly, if you feel you are having suicidal thought please get in touch with The Samaritans they are an amazing organisation and are here to help.

RIP Katelyn may the angels be with you. Please help raise mental awareness and hopefully save a life In the process. We hope her stepfather gets what’s coming to him the evil piece of shit! Messing with a young Childs mind and emotions is the lowest of low.

P.s Don’t forget to read Katelyns ‘Diary of a broken doll’ to get a full understanding of the severity of Mental illness. Hopefully Katelyn, the 12- year-old girl hangs herself live will never happen again!

Whilst commenting please be sensitive to this subject! Thanks.

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