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extremely weird birth defects video


15 babies and children with extremely weird birth defects.

You won’t believe these children’s extremely weird birth defects exist, until you see them!

[dropcap color=”#” bgcolor=”#” sradius=”0″]E[/dropcap]volution sometimes shows its ugly face when it comes to birth defects, these babies and children have been born with extremely weird birth defects that will shock you!

So what are these strange and weird conditions sown in this video?

  • Parasitic twin (unequal conjoined twin)

This weird condition is where one twin stops growing inside the uterus. The healthy dominant twin provides the life support for the conjoined parasitic twin to survive.

The result at birth is a full-grown baby with a small conjoined twin attached to its body, as shown in the video the healthy twins head.

  • Mermaid syndrome

In the case of Mermaid syndrome the majority of births are stillborn. This condition causes the baby to develop a mermaid type limb from their waist down.

The oldest surviving case was a woman called Tiffany Yorks from Florida, who died on February 24th 2016 at 27 years old.

  • Nevus Flammeus or port-wine stain

The Nevus Flammeus is commonly found around the face, neck and upper body. It resembles a wine stain on the skin, hence port-wine stain.

This happens due to the capillary being malformed within the area, the Nevus Flammeus usually starts of pink, gradually becoming darker in later life and ending up a purple colour!

  • Microcephaly

Children with Microcephaly used to be sold to the circus as ‘the missing link’ in evolution to modern humans. Microcephaly is where a Childs brain does not fully develop during pregnancy, it can also happen within the first year of a baby’s life.

  • Polymelia, extra limbs

Polymelia is a condition causing a child to be born with extra limbs somewhere on their body. The weird condition is caused when conjoined twins are formed, one twin disintegrates leaving behind body parts that attach themselves to the healthy baby!

  • A parasitic worm that lives in the lymphatic system elephantitis

There are currently 120million people living in the world with lymphatic filariasis, 40million severely suffering. The condition causes body parts to grow abnormally large.

The disease is commonly known as elephantitis and is spread through the bite of a mosquito from human to human. This spreads the parasitic worm.

The disease is most common in Africa and Asia.

Babies with this condition are born with extremely large heads often resembling an Alien type look. This is caused due to a build up of cerebrospinal fluid on the brain.

The huge pressure within the skull causes an enlargement of the head. This can cause cysts, convulsions, tumours and haemorrhage.

  • Full conjoined twins

Conjoined twin births are more common in Brazil, Africa and Asia. This happens when a fertilised egg only partially splits during pregnancy.

The babies are born joined together somewhere in the mid section, and are generally full size babies.

  • Hypertrichosis or werewolf syndrome

Hypertrichosis causes people to be born with an unusually large excess of hair growth around their bodies. It mostly affects their faces covering them entirely with hair, this is where werewolf syndrome came from as the person resembles one.

In the 19th and 20th century people with this condition including men, women and children performed in circuses worldwide.

There is currently no cure for this hairy condition. Definitely an extremely weird birth defect!

  • Cleft lip or Cleft palate

This condition happens in utero where the developing foetus doesn’t have enough tissue to develop in the lip or mouth area.

The tissue is therefore unable to join together properly causing missing parts of either the lip, mouth or roof of the mouth.

Various surgeries can be performed to improve to mouth area, the child can live a normal life without any concern.

  • Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a chronic condition effecting anywhere between 1% up to 16% of the population. Vitiligo happens when skin cells die causing pigment discoloration of the surrounding area.

There is currently no cure for these extremely weird birth defects.

  • Agent orange

During combat military groups used agent orange to destroy crops in enemy territory, the effects were devastating to all plant and tree life. The unfortunate effects of Agent orange was the effect it had on humans, Children were born with cone-shaped heads and adults were experiencing extreme skin burns.

  • Congenital Arhenia

This condition effects the nose and nose cavity area. Children born with Congenital Arhenia have no external nose or nose cavities, causing a smooth are where the nose should be.

This is extremely rare and only occurs in 1 in 197million births, No one knows what causes this strange defect.

Extremely weird birth defects Video credit: JustFacts

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