15 lies you believe that will change everything!

15 lies you believe that will change everything!

15 lies you believe are true but most definitely are not! We have all been deceived from the beginning!

From growing up we have all heard certain things that as adults many of us still believe.

Well I'm about to show you 15 lies you believe that I bet you probably still do as a grown person!

These crazy fairy tales and myths stem from generation to generation, but no one seems to ever question them?


Because we trust the source, for instance our parents. As a kid you are bound to believe your parents, why wouldn't you?

Just as your parents did with their parents and so forth.

15 lies you believe along with many myths people believe to be true are in fact stories.

Did you know for instance washing your hands with soap isn't going to kill bacteria, only clean off the dirt accumulated.

Yet we all still do this before a meal for instance... well most of us.

How about if you get stung by a jellyfish, some people believe that urine or pee will calm down the sting.

Nope in fact this can antagonise the sting further. In a scene on friends Monica gets stung and uses urine to help... Wrong, don't do it!

So TV also blinds people to the truth as my example above.

Crazy I know, but we all believe what we see and hear on the TV.

Be a smart arse with your mates and explain what you see in this video, maybe even these question will come up on a pub quiz sometime?

Probably one of my most favourite of myths and lies is possibly religion, ok this statement is going to upset a lot of people and I apologise for that.

But maybe they are the greatest story tellers of all time.

We all have faith one way or another and that's ok.

But in the end were all in this together whatever our beliefs. we should dispel certain myths and maybe one day a generation will go on with the truth.

So this video of 15 lies you believe will help that along its way.

Enjoy the video and please like and share!

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