2 Swedish women attempt suicide on UK motorway!
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2 Swedish women attempt suicide on UK motorway!

2 Swedish women attempt suicide on UK motorway video

2 Swedish women attempt suicide on UK motorway video has gone viral, after 2 twins in police custody run into oncoming motorway traffic in the UK. The police struggle to stop the women’s incredible actions! What you are about to watch may be disturbing, viewer discretion is advised!

Should the police have done more?

Yes, I think whilst the police had them at the side of the motorway traffic, they should have been put into a police vehicle for their safety. The motorway is a dangerous place, it has been known for traffic to accidentally drift into cars parked on the hard shoulder.

After this shocking incident, I think the people at police headquarters would have opened up an inquiry into why this incident took place, and do more to safeguard in the future!

What is the speed limit on UK motorways?

The speed limit on UK motorways is currently set at 70mph or 112kmh for cars, goods vehicles over 7.5 tons the speed limit is lower, 60mph. but all this will probably be changing, as speeding laws in the UK are under a thorough debate in parliament.

Did the 2 Swedish women survive?

The twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson both survived the extremely shocking events. Sabina was hit by a Volkswagen Polo that knocked her unconscious after sustaining serious head injuries. More shockingly though her twin sister Ursula was hit by a Mercedes-Benz Actros Lorry! Ursula’s legs were both crushed.

Here’s where things get really weird!

Sabina Eriksson after awaking from her unconsciousness, refused medical attention and attacked an officer trying to help her. Shortly after an officer named Hollinshead took her to hospital, this is where Sabina in an unprovoked attack stabbed to death! Sabina pleaded guilty to manslaughter, on diminished responsibility, and was handed a 5 year prison term.

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Post source : BBC

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