25 weird Japanese inventions that actually exist!

25 weird Japanese inventions that actually exist!

25 Weird Japanese inventions that actually exist video

You need to see these inventions to believe they came out of someone’s head! This 25 weird Japanese inventions that actually exist video will blow your mind! The Japanese are well-known for there inventiveness, but sometimes their wackiness goes a little too far! What do you think?

Japanese inventions video top 25 countdown

25. Head-to-Toe Rainproof Umbrella-that’s what coats were invented for!
24. Eye drop Funnels– this is pointless since they come out the bottle in drops anyway!
23. Butter Stick-what’s wrong with using a knife and normal butter?
22. Expensive Square-shaped Watermelon-this one is weird
21. Ever-ready Tissues-just to make you look like a dick!
20. Cleaner Shoe-the effort of putting them on is just the same as getting a brush and shovel out! Idiots!
19. ‘Solar Energy’ Lighter-I’d prefer to keep a small lighter in my pocket and not half of a mad scientists lab thanks!
18. Lipstick Applier-come on this is crazy, not everyone’s lips are the same!
17. One Click Ctrl+Alt+Del-if you cant press the buttons yourself you shouldn’t be near a computer full stop!
16. Ear Enhancer-hearing aid?
15. BattleScratch ‘Itching’ Shirt-really?
14. Air-conditioned Shoes-So I’m guessing these would only work properly when sat down?
13. Hug Pillow and Lap Pillow-this one isn’t to bad an idea really
12. Shoe Umbrellas-you pay hundreds for your shoes then attach these to make them look shit!
11. The Finger Toothbrush-what’s wrong with a normal toothbrush?
10. Personal Rain Saver-what even is this?
09. Subway Rest Chin Stick-so your meant to carry this round with your all the time? forget it!
08. Book Shaped Pillow-this would be good for children’s books, but adults? get a grip!
07. The Noodle Hair Guard-you look like a friggin daffodil eating worms!
06. The Floor Cleaning Baby Dress-this could have its uses, get the baby involved in chores early on!
05. Sound Catcher Pillow-I’m not sure what to make of this one? what do you think?
04. Umbrella Tie and Wallet Neck Tie-hahaha what ?
03. Chopstick Fan-why you need to cool down your noodles that fast I don’t know?
02. WTF Pencil Sharpener!-yeah this one is fairly perverted to say the least!
01. Wedding Countdown Bra-this looks like a woman wearing a bomb strapped to her chest! Suicide bra anyone?

Thanks for watching 25 weird Japanese inventions that actually exist video, please leave a comment below about any weird things you have come across.

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