3D printed hearts saving babies lives video
Photo Credit To 3Ders

3D printed hearts saving babies lives video

3D printed hearts saving babies lives video

This video shows medical staff creating 3D printed hearts! This video went viral in no time, technology is amazing!. Watch the full 3D printed hearts saving babies lives video here.

What are your views on this subject? Here at Viral Cloud Media we think the 3D printing industry has a hell of a lot to offer, especially in the medical industry. Scientists are experimenting with other organs at the moment, in a bid to eliminate the need to wait for a donor, the hopes are that a human organ can be printed that 100% matches the recipients DNA and won’t be rejected.

What is a 3D printer?

3D printing first arrived back in the 1980’s but wasn’t very successful, it took many years to achieve a commercially viable product, that worked. A 3D printer uses plastics, metals or in the case of medical science biological organisms.

The printer prints extremely fine layers as it builds the 3D model programmed into it, each layer neatly joins together to create the finished model, for instance if you are printing using plastics, the printer seamlessly welds these layers together using heat.

I heard people have printed guns using a 3D printer?

Yes your right, unfortunately the 3D printer also opens up the possibilities to print weapons. More needs to be done to somehow combat this problem, maybe some sort of built-in failsafe to disable the printing of weapons? But this would be a massive task and hackers will most probably crack the code anyway!

Can food be printed using a 3D printer?

Yes, NASA have been experimenting with food printing for a while now and have successfully printed a pizza. They are hoping to send astronaut’s into space with the 3D food printers, the printers use powders that mix together to a certain recipe depending on what food you want to print. The benefits here are that powder form food can last an extremely long time once the moisture and air has been extracted.

Hersey’s chocolate company have set up chocolate printers in some of their stores that allow customers to print chocolate bars with pictures of them on. The food printers they use also print small 3D items using chocolate, fascinating eh? Hershey’s machines have had to be highly modified though due to the way chocolate melts.

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Post source : USA Today

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