5 strangest animal hybrids video! Bred by people!
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5 strangest animal hybrids video! Bred by people!

5 Strangest animal hybrids

Video of the top 5 strangest animal hybrids video! Are humans playing god? Some say yes, some say no! What do you think? In all fairness the hybrid between the Jaguar and Lion (The Jagleon) is absolutely stunning!

What is an animal hybrid?

A hybrid of any sort, whether it be a plant or animal is a cross between 2 species. Naturally in the wild hybrids don't occur, but with human intervention and cross species breeding the results can be astonishingly good.

Can hybrids be genetically inferior?

Yes, certainly. Take dog breeding for example, some breeds of dogs have been over bred to a desired look so much, that they are prone to all kinds of disabilities. The English Bulldog suffers from breathing problems due to this, whilst other breeds like the dog de Bordeaux or French Mastiff, suffers from kidney problems!

As stated in the 5 strangest animal hybrids video above, some of the animal hybrids almost always suffer from breeding problems and cannot reproduce.

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