9 Tips video will save lives! Myths uncovered!
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9 Tips video will save lives! Myths uncovered!

9 Tips video will save lives

One day you might need these handy tips to save someone's life, or even your own! In this 9 tips video will save lives I will show you the myths and the facts.

We all probably believe the old myth of jumping in a falling elevator, before impact? Wrong, we would all be dead who thought this!

As shown in the video above when falling in an elevator, your best bet is to lie down with one arm behind your head, This cushions the impact to your head.

Some times myths do more harm than good!

If we actually believed life saving myths when confronted with a near death situation, we would all be screwed!

This is why educational fact videos like the one I'm sharing with you, may one day save yours and others lives.

After watching this video I took the time to sit back and think how many other things have I grown up believing in?

Common sense should over rule things that sound crazy

It's true, if you ever hear something that sounds absurd and to crazy to be true, you should use common sense and think about it.

You will usually work out that it can't be fact! You are smarter than you realise! Don't believe the lies like in this video of 15 lies we all believe.

Where do these myths come from?

Myths originate way back in the olden days, where people would make up stories to make themselves look smart!

Over time these untrue facts would be passed along generations and thought to be true.

Where in fact once the truth is shown, you soon realise they are complete bullshit.

How many myths did you believe?

I know I believed quite a few, and now feel somewhat angry and stupid, for believing them in the first place!

It will take a full generation to debunk a myth!

Yep, we really need a full generation of people to change the facts about something!

Think of it like an epic decade long game of Chinese whispers that's got out of hand.

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Lets see how many of them know the 9 tips video will save lives facts?

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