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Viral Cloud Media has been delivering viral video content since we opened in 2014. We specialize in viral video content for all age groups, from funny videos to entertaining videos and the odd graphic video. Which we don’t particularly like to show you, but we do for educational purposes and to deliver what the mainstream media won’t.

We also provide the latest sports news, Bollywood news, Food news, health and beauty, The latest Technology and general subjects.

Our videos get shared across various social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Reddit just to name a few.

It’s you guys that make it all worth while!


International House,

12 Constance Street,


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Send us your video, one of our creative team members will write content for it, do all the fancy SEO behind the scenes, then we make it go viral for you across our multiple platforms!

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You will need to:

  1. Add a description about the video where it was taken,
  2. The events unfolding,
  3. People in the video, if you want us to add your social profile link to the vlog (video post) when we post it.
  4. Anything else you would like adding or think we should add.

We love our viewers and welcome your feedback suggestions and anything else you would like to see from us.



Please help support this website and donate any amount.

We are a small team delivering you news, videos and images mainstream media hide from you.

Our site is completely free for you to use, although the upkeep cost are high so any donation big or small will really help us continue delivering great news to you, our reader 🙂



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