Airforce film UFO orbs by accident then try to cover up!
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Airforce film UFO orbs by accident then try to cover up!

Airforce film UFO orbs from F15 fighter plane! Then try to cover up!

Yet another failed cover up when the Royal Airforce film UFO orbs from the cockpit of one of their F15 Fighter planes! The pilot quickly tries to hide the object from being seen, why? Why can’t people have freedom of information when it comes to unusual and strange objects found or UFO’s ?

What is a UFO?

A UFO (unidentified flying object) is exactly what it sounds like, it’s an object that we can not explain, thus being unidentified! UFO’s or their stories anyway, have been around for decades, Now and again a strange story will pop up of sightings or even an abduction! Truth be told most of these stories are far fetched and make the person look like an absolute nutter!

Sometimes though there’s a story or sighting, that’s backed up by evidence, that just blows your mind and cannot be explained!

What is an Orb?

An orb is a small round bright light that moves at an unprecedented speed, sometimes in clusters. These strange little objects are unexplained and are definitely gain the title of UFO.

What is an F15 fighter plane?

It’s a monster of aircraft engineering! The F15 fighter plane is an American, all weather, tactical fighter jet. It is used by the Airforce for aerial combat if ever needed during a war. God forbid another war happens!

Airforce film UFO Orbs believer or not?

Well this is a well documented and touchy subject when it comes to thoughts about UFO’s, me myself am a bit of a sceptic, I need to see one with my own eyes to believe should I say! Don’t get me wrong I’m not discrediting the fact that they might be other life forms out there, there’s just not enough hard evidence for my liking yet.

I hope there is supreme beings out there, it’s a fascinating subject!

Let me know your thoughts on UFO’s, Are you a sceptic or a believer?

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