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best jobs in the world


Best jobs in the world you didn’t know existed, top 10

Video about the top 10 best jobs in the world

Best jobs in the world that you would kill to have!

hese lucky few individuals have the funnest and best jobs in the world, the rest of us can only dream of landing one of these jobs!

1. Caretaker of the islands

Definitely deserves first place for the best jobs in the world ever! In 2009 Tourism Queensland advertised a job for Caretaker of the islands! The job generated over 35,000 applicants in over 200 countries. The job involved taking care of The Great Barrier Reef, its islands and wildlife. The lucky applicant that got the job also got a multimillion dollar villa to live in, and a large salary. As if living there wasn’t enough without getting paid to do it as well! Sign me up right now!

2. Professional snuggler

A trend originating from Japan that soon travelled to America, is a concept to help reduce stress. Supposed to produce therapeutic benefits through intimate but non sexual touching, in other words your getting paid to sleep. Win win we say!

3. Chocolatier

Being a Chocolatier is an art, in essence you are Willy Wonka creating new and exciting ranges of sweets and chocolate. Tasting chocolate all day has to be up there in a lot of peoples dream jobs, mmm chocolate.

4. Unexploded ordinance technician

One of the more dangerous jobs out there but a hell of a lot of fun blowing stuff up. These guys earn an absolute fortune from this job, $150,000 to be precise. Obviously this job carries a high level of training to be in with a chance, but who wouldn’t want to blow stuff up and get paid that ridiculous amount of money doing so!

5. Voice-over Actors

Being an Actor strips you of you anonymity, but these guys have it all figured out! Being a voice-over Actor lets you keep your private life but still earns you a fortune from doing so.

6. Waterslide tester

The title says it all really, probably the happiest people on earth get to travel the world testing out water parks and their slides. People get paid on average $20,000 per year to rate waterparks, cool eh?.

7. Netflix tagger

Netflix employ a lucky few individuals to sit at home watching films and TV programs all day. Well its a little more to it than that, basically these taggers insert genres, descriptions and relevant ‘tags’ to new content so Netflix users can easily find what they are looking for. When we say “A few lucky individuals” there’s only 50 people worldwide that Netflix employs for this position.

8. Gumologist

Love chewing gum? Yes, well this is your dream job. Companies actually employ people to test new ranges of chewing gum. The chosen few have to test new flavours, textures and overall juicy chewiness.

9. Guidebook writer

Want to travel the world to the most exotic and most beautiful places and get paid for it? So do we! These guys get an all expenses paid vacation to some of the most beautiful places on this planet and get to write about their experiences to encourage people like us to visit. Our best jobs in the world thumbs up!

10. Professional sleeper

Like sleeping? who doesn’t wish they could turn that annoying alarm clock off? Companies employ people to test new hotel beds to rate their experience and give feedback. The job can also involve research for scientific purposes, i.e. Nasa not so long back advertised for people to stay in bed for 70 days straight and got paid $18,000 for doing so. Research to find out impact on Astronauts whilst in space.
advertised for people to stay in bed

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