Real life Brazilian Zombie terrorizing hospital staff video.
Photo Credit To Live Leak

Real life Brazilian Zombie terrorizing hospital staff video.

Brazilian zombie terrorizing Hospital!

Video of a Brazilian zombie terrorizing hospital staff is going viral across social media and the web. The man in the video enters a Brazilian hospital with a gunshot wound in his face, and acts like a real life zombie.

Why was the Brazilian zombie guy acting this way?

The staff at the hospital fear for their lives and try to fend the guy of, some even start shouting prayers at him. The Brazilian zombie as he is being nicknamed, is more than likely on a powerful drug called 'Flakka' the zombie drug! This powerful, yet illegal drug turns people into a mindless zombie like state. People have been known to dive head first into oncoming traffic after taking Flakka.

Resident evil has lost one of their zombies by the looks of things! Someone call the Umbrella Corporation quick before we have an outbreak! Are you zombie ready? The apocalypse is here! Joking, it's just some guy cracked up out of his head on Flakka!

Post source : Live Leak

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