Comedian Jose Manalo accidentally falls into river.
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Comedian Jose Manalo accidentally falls into river.

Jose Manalo falls into river

Entertainer Jose Manalo’s Hala Nahulog adaptation is currently popular on the web.
Jose Manalo again lit up the day of Kalyeserye watchers and in addition the “Eat Bula” has. Watch Jose Manalo as he tumbles off from an ad libbed vessel straight into the water amid this current evening’s Kalyeserye scene.

In a split second, “Eat Bulaga” have Jose Manalo circulated around the web subsequent to tumbling off the water while attempting to look exceptionally bibo. In the video, Jose was attempting to hotshot a few aptitudes in intersection the waters of submerged town in Malabon. Little that he realized that it’s difficult to adjust the flatboat, despite everything he attempted keeping in mind the end goal to look cool in Bossing Vic’s eyes. Tragically, the most exceedingly bad happened – he tumbled from the water flatboat. Promptly, an occupant acted the hero and aided the “Eat Bulaga” host to ascend from the water.

Professionally, Jose Manalo proceeded with the section since it’s live. He flushed himself in the closest washroom where he was taped. Try not to stress since nothing private was uncovered except for just Jose Manalo’s exceptionally brandish identity.

In the blink of an eye, netizens could turn out with “Hala, Nahulog” version of Jose Manalo which turned the VIP to be the late casualty of the furor. Really, among all the “Hala, Nahulog” recordings this one is our most loved and the most clever.

With regards to the hosts and the watcher’s response, similar to us they weren’t possessed the capacity to hold the chuckling including Bossing Vic Sotto.

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