Crushing batteries was a bad idea! Serious explosion!
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Crushing batteries was a bad idea! Serious explosion!

Crushing batteries was a bad idea but so satisfying!

Watch this viral video of a guy crushing batteries with a hydraulic press, it starts off ok, but then the better batteries come out and explode everywhere! It's so satisfying to watch.

What is a battery?

A battery is comes in many different sizes from tiny ones that fit in watches, to a room size one for backup power to data centres or telephone exchanges! The battery comprises of electrochemical cells that store energy (electricity).

You use batteries every day without even thinking of it, from your laptops to your mobile phones!

How long do batteries last?

This all depends on the size of a battery, but for example if you have a smartphone some batteries will only last a day, then would need to be recharged with a charging cable.

Batteries are either disposable or rechargeable, your smartphone carries a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, meaning it can be used again and again. A disposable battery will only last once until the power is used, up then will need to be thrown away!

Is crushing batteries dangerous?

Yes, as shown in the video crushing batteries can cause a serious explosion! Do not try this at home as the consequences could be extremely serious to your health.

Batteries in essence are electricity, so common sense would be wise when it comes to messing around with them.

What is a hydraulic press?

A hydraulic press is a piece of engineering equipment that can exert tons of down force onto anything underneath it. They come in handy for removing bearing housings and for imprinting logos or numbers onto metals.

Before you ask, yes a hydraulic press would crush a person's hand to a pulp if not correctly used.

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