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Dean Martin Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Why This Song Still Tops the Charts, Despite the Controversy

Dean Martin Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Why This Song Is Popular

Dean Martin Baby, It’s Cold Outside: the popular Christmas song received controversy because of its lyrical content. But it’s still popular. Here’s why.

2018 has been full of controversial topics, from gun control to environmental issues. The most recent and easily debateable controversial topic to hit headlines this holiday season?

The popular Christmas song sung by Dean Martin “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Listeners took to the web claiming the song was sexist and inappropriate. But despite the growing controversy for this 1944 classic, and it’s radio ban in the US and Canada, it remained in the top of the charts.

But the question why remains. If so many feel offended by the song, so much so that radio stations were banned from playing it, why did it continue to top the charts?

We take a look at some of the reasons it remained popular below.

Listen to the Lyrics

Though the original song, written by Frank Loesser, came out in 1944, the song we know and love (or hate) hit radios in 1959. When you take the time era into consideration, the lyrics of the song make more sense.

The song features a duet between a man and a woman following a date. After being invited in for a drink, the man begins to ask her to stay. After the woman thinks of a few reasons to leave, the man finds excuses for her to stay, one of them being that it’s cold outside.

Some of the lines include “Say what’s in this drink” and “the neighbors might think”. While the first may lead listeners to believe her drink has been tampered with, the second offers another reason the woman might be hesitant to stay.

The 1950s was a time following the great depression and war. Women were expected to stay home, take care of their family, and their home. Women didn’t attend universities and those who weren’t married yet would soon follow the expectations of finding a husband and starting a family.

Not only was it odd, but forbidden for women to stay over a man’s house without being married. If she did this, she would worry her mother and the neighbors would talk. Perhaps the song, for its time, was more about the women’s reputation than a rapist.

Brings Awareness to #MeToo

Despite the growing controversy over this song, it certainly got a lot of attention over the last two months. Although it may not really be about rape it did bring awareness to the #MeToo topic.

As much as women were expected to do their duties in the 1950s, expectations of the same women exist in 2018, just in different ways.

The #MeToo movement has brought awareness to how often women have been mistreated, sexually harassed, and raped by men. This could range from men they’ve worked with to a random guy at the bar.

If this song is about a man taking advantage of yet another women, the song shows how the same issues were around almost 60 years ago.

Dean Martin “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

No matter what Dean Martin’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is actually about, the popularity of the song in 2018 has hit the top 10 charts. Whether it’s actually about a man taking advantage of a woman, or a woman looking for an excuse to stay, we may never know.

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